To all people, of all tribes and nations, and of all races and languages of the Earth:

There were people who lived in the past, who wrote of many things that would happen in the future. They wrote of the people, of the Earth, and of the times that would fall upon them both. They told of a time where people would be selfish, greedy, boastful, and conceited. They described how it would be a place where violence and lack of affection would be common, and a time where people would be plagued with famines and diseases. They wrote of godless lovers of mammon and pleasure, who would have vast authority and power, yet who would be treacherous, reckless, and driven by their own desires. They wrote of rulers who would be merciless and swollen with pride, and of leaders who would be unable to prevent crime and growing lawlessness. They wrote of troubles amongst the nations, leading to violent and fierce wars, which would take their toll on the people and the Earth, over freedom, land, and wealth. And they wrote of the Earth, and of its growing and ravaging natural destruction. The future that was written of was described as a time where true religion would still be known, yet its real power would be rejected. So the prophets of the past also warned, that many of the events would be like the first pains of childbirth; the pains before the hardest times that the Earth would ever see. The words from the prophets were written to help guide the people who would be living in the hard times of their future, and to help prepare the Earth, for the end of times!

The Earth was a world of beauty, a world of life. It was a world where the winds were strong and fresh, and where the waters were pure and clean. The Earth was young and growing; its soils were alive with life, and every living creature could find food and drink everywhere. It was a time where battles were fought only for survival, and peace reigned true. It was a rare and delicate jewel, like many others in the vast Creation; the Earth was a paradise.

As the early people of the Earth were beginning to expand across its paradise, they were becoming lost in their ways. For their ways were many, and they were divided. Knowing which direction the people were heading in, the Most High And Glorious God used many awesome powers, and performed many astonishing events. Through the experiences, some of the people came to understand the presence of the High Supreme God, and went off to tell others of what they had found. The people that listened, and accepted the Most High, were given many good times. And the faithful like Abraham, who humbled themselves to worship, were given promises. The people that chose not to listen, but rather decided to prosper in their own ways, were also given good times; the times that they had found. However, as time wore on, their ways led them to become destructive and proud of what they had done. So upon the people who were destructive, and upon those who claimed to be better, the Most High And Intelligent God, brought destruction. The people that witnessed the unstoppable will of the Immortal Supreme God, and had escaped with their lives, were struck with fear. Many of them changed their ways, told others, and even more people began to accept the Only God. But as time wore on, the stories of what the Mighty Supreme God had done went forgotten, and many people were turning back to their old ways. So the Most Holy God honoured the cries from a nation of slaves in distress; for they had been promised to help spread the greatness of the High Supreme God, and a faithful descendant of Abraham, named Moses, was chosen to lead them. Through Moses, the Most High God guided the nation out from under the grip of the strongest nation that stood to the time, and into its freedom. But not before a great time of preparation. During this time, the Most High God sent the Holy Ten Commandments to Moses, stating that they were the laws of Life, and that they would be followed forever. The wise people of the nation, who came to understand the importance of the Most Sacred Law, sent their praise and worship to the Most High God, for the holy and generous gift that they had been given. Shortly after they had completed their trial, as a testament for their dedication, the Most High God gave them a rich and fertile land, and a glorious name that would stand for all time to come; Israel. The Most High God had enlightened the Earth, and the seed of understanding was sown.

As word spread of the Most High God, the nation that had been saved, and the law that had been given to them, many more people came to accept the Holy Supreme God. But there were still others who chose to follow gods that did not exist, as they went about their forms of worship, and their blind ways. To these people, the Forgiving Supreme God sent warnings, but when the warnings went unheeded, they were followed soon after by destruction. As a result, many more people turned to follow the ways of the Most High God. But as time wore on, and the generations faded away, the warnings and the stories of the High Supreme God went forgotten by many, and a growing number of people turned away yet again. So the Most High God sent words of the future to the chosen speakers, the prophets; guiding them to write of the events that were to come. And so the seed took root, and it grew into a small sprout.

Then a human baby was born, and he was given the name of Jesus. The Most High God had sent promises to the wise that this child was the descendant, who was born to become the King of the Earth! So word of him was quickly spread. After Jesus became a man, he was anointed Christ the Messiah, and he began his mission of spreading the Good News and preparing the people, for the coming Kingdom of the Almighty Supreme God. While he went about his work, teaching the people to turn from their wrongful ways, he performed many amazing and astonishing feats in reference to the Most High God. He held righteous anger towards those who were in power, and was against those who were servants of mammon. He showered love, strength, and wisdom on his faithful listeners, and with his gifts he took pity, and helped the humble and the poor. Many people were amazed and afraid, but praised the High Supreme God for giving such grace and authority to a man; and turned to follow him. But many of the leaders who saw what he was doing were unconvinced; for they thought that he was possessed with the most evil spirit, who was on a mission to take away their power, and destroy true spirituality. So they plotted to put an end to him. However, Jesus already knew how he would be accepted by the leaders, so for his Last Supper, he gave his followers a sacred way to remember him by. But shortly after his last meal, the leaders who were against him were finally successful; Jesus Christ, the promised King of the High Supreme God, was arrested, and brought before the council where he was declared a blasphemer. After his trial, he was brought before the people, who rejected him with death by crucifixion. Then, he was taken up and nailed to the Cross, where he was mocked and insulted, and where he suffered, and died. But unknown to the unwise, Christ Jesus was the first to be raised to Life; where he rose, and became the King of the Angels! And from what he had done, many people then believed that Christ was truly the promised King of the Most High God; for everything had been foretold by the prophets, and the leaders were not as greatly loved as Jesus was. So the followers of Jesus, despite death and prosecution, began to spread the word of the Kingdom that he would someday return to rule. And their words, with the words of the Most High God, and the lessons from the King who had given his life, for the sake of all; spread like the waters of a flood. And with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the sprout grew into a mighty stalk.

As time continued to take its course, spreading the words and the stories of the Lord throughout the world, there was wide acceptance by many people. Some of the faithful were chosen to guide many more in the ways of fasting, prayer, worship, and peaceful life. And the prophets were still being guided as they wrote the words of the future. By then, many people worshiped, served, and lived by the way that Christ Jesus had taught, through the Church that he had built. And many people then knew that the Most High God was the Only True And Living God. But as an even greater amount of time wore on, a growing number of people started to turn away. Many of them thought that they had been forgotten, others thought that faith was purely superstition, and still others thought that they had found a better way. Amongst the religious groups, many people were turning away to find a better life, away from the prosecutions, problems, and embarrassments, as the groups fought and divided, forming many more branches. However, as the people continued to expand across the Earth, the greatness of Jesus continued to spread the words of the Most High God. And the faithful waited patiently for the day when Christ would return. So the roots of the stalk spread wide and deep, and the stalk grew into a young tree.

Then, more than two thousand years after the birth of Jesus Christ, the promised King of the Most High God, many people believed that true faith had little worth. For true peace could not be found anywhere, true religion was in a state of confusion and known by few, the Earth was full of sadness and evil, and all knew that no mortal person could ever bring peace to the Earth. But although the people and the words of the Most High God, had blanketed the Earth by then; the paradise of Earth had become threatened. For the leaders had led many people as they walked the wide path, continuing in their destructive ways. They had ignored the narrow path, forgotten that the Holy Supreme God never breaks a promise, and had ridiculed those who claimed; that the times were going to change. But by then the tree had grown, and its buds were about to blossom.

Intelligent Life is to be alive and free: living by the Most High God, and spreading peace! Jesus Christ is the first intelligent human being to ever walk on the face of the Earth. His sacrificial death spread the words of the Most High God to the farthest reaches of the world, so that all people could hear of the Only True God! Through the actions of his own free will, Christ Jesus brought the chance of Eternal Life to every person that ever lived on the Earth. For without Jesus Christ; the Most High God would have been known as one god amongst many, the Earth would have been in chaos from lack of direction, and from the wrongdoings of the people, its fate would have been sealed with doom. Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the Earth, and he is also the King who was chosen by the Most High God; for a man who would die to save all, is a noble man who is worthy of a throne!

So now the Earth must prepare for its chosen King, the promised descendant of the Most High God; the way must be cleared for the return of Christ! For the Most Patient High God has taught the Earth through time, that no god other than the Most High God, no laws other than the laws of the Most High God, and no leader other than the chosen leader of the Most High God, Christ; will ever bring true peace to the Earth. These are the lessons that time itself will never erase. For when Christ returns to lead the Earth into peace, by the Kingdom of the Most High And Holy God, only then will the restoration of the paradise begin! And only then will the tree of understanding, which was planted by the Most High And Intelligent God, bear its fruits of righteousness!

In the days of the present, the Earth is covered by ocean that is scattered with lands, which are divided into many nations. Many of these nations have become well known for their people or language, their scenery or location, their wealth, poverty, or way of life. However, not all of these nations are at harmony. Through the problems, some of the nations have risen up against each other for their own reasons, and they wrangle amongst themselves in an attempt to reach the top. But among the nations of the Earth that cry for world peace, can be found a nation that stands above them all. This one nation, with its wealth, power, and freedoms, had become the centre of luxury and riches for the world. The other nations looked up to this one nation as a role model for the nations, and followed it, seeking to become as wealthy and as powerful as this one nation had become. For from where it sat, and from what it had done, this one nation had become the judge over all of the other nations on the Earth. But as it grew strong, like the nations of the past, gaining more power through its own ways, this one little nation, grew arrogant. And now, this one nation expects to lead the Earth into peace by its own way, with a declaration that it does not live up to; the claim that it is under the Most High God.

This one nation is led by its wise people, the very rich. They reach for power, wealth, control, and enjoy the riches, pleasures, and freedoms that they have found with them. They live and work in the most wonderful places, fill their dwellings with only the very best that they can find, and many of them live very happily. They live with the wealth that was built through time in their family, and with what wealth they gain, they leave to let grow for their own family. Some of their families have become very wealthy and well known, while others wish to remain hidden behind their own wealth. However, through their combined desire for more, the very rich have formed secret societies for their ideals, which has helped them to gain wide control over this one nation. And with their growing tools of banks, businesses, technologies, and mediums, they have used their vast power, to gain wide control over the people in this one nation as well. For with these tools, the very rich uphold a dream, a dream that does all the work for them; the dream of finding happiness, with money.

With the help of the banks and the businesses, the very rich control most of the money that is used in this one nation. The suit and tie businesses people, who serve the very rich, run the banks and the businesses. The owners of the most powerful banks and businesses, in their quest for more, merge their plans together and buy out their weaker opponents. And as their new partnerships take form, they work together in an effort to build their corporate empires, so that they can support their similar schemes. When their business unions begin to grow and prosper, they start to look for money from the people in this one nation, to continue operating successfully. So they speak encouraging words of the future prospects for their trades, then they take out the shares and slices of their company pies, and they offer them for sale in the money markets of this one nation. Their predictions and graphs help them to influence the markets, where their shares and slices are bought and sold, which in turn, helps them to capture the interests and the investments of the people. And when the prices of their company pies start to grow, they turn a profit, which helps them to grow faster. On the chaotic money market floors, where the businesses representatives work with the people, they seal the business deals with the other businesses, and they trade their ownerships in search of more. The brokers and advisors, who also work on the money floors, profit from bringing the people information and shrewd trades from inside of this gambling establishment. They seek the freedoms, opportunities, and independence that the modern day gold rush in this one nation has to offer. And as they acquire the shares as cheap as they can, and auction off their best slices to the highest bidder, they help to build the strength of the companies. And when more people join into the ranks of the moneygrubbers, on the money floors, of the money markets, the banks and the businesses gain more wealthy support, which helps them to grow even faster. And as the companies grow in the directions of their choosing, they work closely with the people in this one nation. They listen to their desires, wants, and needs, and set out to cash in on the business opportunities that arise in this one nation. They cater to the combined needs of the people, by providing them with the things that they ask for. And as time wears on, the banks and the businesses grow even larger and stronger, bringing the owners more wealth than they could ever need. But in their quest for even more, they show no sign of easing back on their overstrained money markets. And although their corporations are the wealthiest organizations in this one nation, they care little for the people that support them, and they display their ignorance towards the precious environments and resources of the Earth. They place profit above all as they overcharge, tamper with scales, and sell worthless products and services at a high and growing cost. And they show no limits as they make continuous and dangerous mistakes, litter the landscapes with assaults for the goods they have to provide, and move forward as if the Earth is an endless supplier.

With the revolution of inventions and discoveries, from the developers and the researchers in this one nation, the very rich have access to powerful technologies, which helps to aid the growth of the banks and the businesses. As the technologies grow smaller, better, and faster, the banks and businesses use them to awe their customers with new services and gadgets. And as the technologies continue to grow, the banks and businesses offer more to the people, and are able to keep better track of their profits, deals, unpaid loans, and bills. The owners hold high hopes that the technologies will bring their organizations closer to the people in this one nation. But when the very rich use the technologies with the mediums of this one nation, they hold a powerful shadowy tool of ideals, which colourfully portrays their dreams of happiness.

Through the communication webs, which are built on the powerful technologies, the mediums bring forth a stream of information, and issues that matter to the people in this one nation. The medium workers, who serve the very rich, run the mediums, which are the vehicle for the ideals of the very rich. And with their information of words, video, and audio, they use truth, fact, and possibility to tell the people of the events around the globe, the happenings in this one nation, and which directions their new and modern age is heading in. The mediums are also a home to the rich and the famous. They are the bold, the beautiful, and the well known from sport, entertainment, information, and business. And with the help of wide public opinion from the people in this one nation, the medium workers glorify the rich and the famous. For with their wealth, fame, beauty, unique opinions, and ways, they have captured the devotions from many of the people in this one nation. The medium workers give praise to the shrewd and the smart, and they award the most successful, entertaining, and beautiful, with trophies for their gifts. Some of the rich and famous, who are at the top of their areas, think very highly of themselves. They refer to themselves as professionals, leaders, and role models for the people. But they display lack of intelligence as they show off greedy and violent ways, and allow themselves to be idolized and glorified in front of the mediums and the people. They act as if it is all right to do the wrong thing to get ahead, and they use their well-known names and abilities to make more wealth for themselves. The mediums present the most popular rich and famous to the people, where they reveal the paths that they have walked in their trip to riches and fame. The rich and famous speak of the riches and fame that they have gained, and they tell the people of how their rich and famous position was an escape from the hardships of life. They give credit to the other rich and famous people, their ways, this one nation, its businesses, technologies, and mediums, as the reasons on how they achieved their great status. The medium workers display this band of rich and famous people, as if they are part of an elite force, that the people can rely on, and that the people can achieve. And with the help of the public opinion polls, they place the most popular rich and famous on the plateau for the stars in this one nation. They parade the stars as they wear the newest fashions and dress in the finest styles, do the latest things, donate their glamour charities, and treat each other as best friends in their prideful quest for more glory. They display them in their lawless, criminal, unneighbourly, and perverted forms of entertainment, where with the technologies, they glorify their wrongful ways in slow motion. And when these very important people commit crimes, with their star following supporters and wealth, they are able to find the justice that they want.

The medium workers try to gain more popularity, worth, and acceptance for their views and opinions. They present the inside scoops of victories and tragedies in their lives, the lives of their stars, the lives of the fallen and dead heroes from this one nation, and they describe their lives as examples to be followed by many. They place high regard on good looks, wealthy and patriotic ways, and they turn the poor and the weak people of this one nation into outcasts. They bring news and stories of unfolding events to the people in this one nation, but they make first impression blunders and errors, as they try to be the first reporter to report the breaking news stories. They fill their articles and commentaries with falsehoods, judgements, and opinions, and they make money for their company off of the stories about the unfortunate. They put words where there were none, and twist the truth with opinion. They take small problems about nothing, and turn them into massive problems about something. They herald the opinions of the public, the experts, and the advisors of this one nation, and they fret over their arguments and disagreements. Some of the medium workers even try to find justice with their popular opinionated opinions, and they bring hardships into the lives of many people. The banks and the businesses, those knowing the power of the mediums, merge their companies with the medium channels to work even closer with the people. They pay huge sums to spread their sales pitches amongst the gossip, information, business, and entertainment that the mediums present. And they use technological modified realities of adorable characters, opinions, catchy phrases, and fantasy, to turn the heads of the people towards their advertisements. They ride on the power of the super stars, and pay them very well to endorse and use their new products and services, as they continue in their bush with fame. And they explain to the people how their services and products will fulfil their wishes and dreams, and help to ease their ways. They tell of how their offerings are better than what the other companies are offering. And the medium experts that test the products and services, give their opinions to the people about the advantages and disadvantages of what the banks and the business have to offer. When the religious holidays come around, the corporations use their pagan fairy tales and imaginary characters to hype up the people, so that they can surpass the expected earnings, from their expensive mass marketing schemes. They describe how their technologies are there to help the people during the stressful holiday shopping periods. But they turn the holidays into a business race, to see which toy will be a best seller, and which owner will make the most money. The prophits of money, who also find a home on the business medium channels, bring the investors and moneychangers the endless stream of information, advice, prices, stresses, and frustrations from the money markets of this one nation, and from those around the world. They boast of the profits, and blame lack of demand and mistakes for the losses. But they claim that this one nation will see a wealthy future with businesses and technologies. And they give their assurances to the people of this one nation, that all will go well with their money in the future.

The wise people of this one nation, the very rich, have found their freedom through wealth. They have faith in the future of their leadership with their star studded steady growing tools, which they herald as the basics for their dreamy way of life. They hold time as a valuable business asset, but they have forgotten the true meaning of the Sabbath Day. And as a result, their business conducts have led them into troubles. They are honest when they wish to be honest, but they have made fortunes off of dishonesty. And their ways trample on the poor, and ignore the needy people of this one nation. But with their powerful tools, the very rich have been allowed to influence the thoughts, the feelings, and the dreams of the people in this one nation. They send numerous mixed messages of false hopes, glories, and dreams of wealth, confusing and misleading many people. And as they seek for more freedom and happiness through money, they grow proud and arrogant. They answer to none other but themselves and their own desires, but they stumble about in their blind ways, trying to walk forward. And as they try to gain more, their fellow idealists, their tools, and the people that work to uphold them; only magnify their corruptness. For the very rich see the Most High God as an economic liability, and they strive for a seven-day weekly future, where the world is always doing business. The very rich are using their tools and their followers, for their own purposes, and their own gain. And as a result, their armada of tools sends only one clear message to the people of this one nation; money brings happiness.

This one nation is guided by the servants of the very rich, the leaders. They reach for power, control, and enjoy their growing governing position above the people in this one nation. They govern over the people as their highest representatives, and they spell out their freedoms and uphold their liberties along the way. The leaders control most of the money that is not controlled by the very rich. And among the leaders, stands the leader, and the supporters of the leader. Together, they strive for a national union of diverse people who govern themselves, as they let the people select and elect their own leaders. But although they claim that the people rule in this one nation, their work is all the same as they help to uphold the dream set forth, by the very rich.

The leader is the title held by the highest judge in this one nation, the central figure that represents the voice of the people. The leader rules from the fortress of freedom in this one nation, where they represent, preserve, protect, and defend the people, the laws, and the ways of this one nation. As the most well known governing official in this one nation, the leader commands over its subdivided governing body. They have the power to appoint new judges, advisors, and officials, who help to uphold the best interests for this one nation. And they propose and add new laws to help this one nation, while they refuse the laws and the ways that they consider to be destructive for its growth. They are granted the title of the chief over the military and policing forces of this one nation, and they decide for the people when and where the forces of this one nation are to be used. And through their congress, they have the strength to influence the growth directions for the economic and technological blood of this one nation. The leader is also the chief educator of this one nation, who sets the standard in tastes and cultures for the rest of the world to see. So with smiles and encouragements, the leader describes their future visions for this one nation, and they impose the powerful ideals for its growing way of life. They dictate to the people, telling them of what they need to do as a national family, and describing which directions are the right ones to help this one nation grow. They trumpet their national victories, as they talk of their hopes for placing this one nation even further above the rest of the nations in the world, and enriching the lives for all of their people. They tell the people of how the growth directions for this one nation will place them into a new generation of faster, efficient, and better technologies. And to support the wealthy momentum of this one nation, the leader builds the vigour and urges the people forward, by describing to them of how work will set them free. They tell the people that the harder they work, the more they will get. They create new jobs and steer the people into the direction of work, so they can continue to build the business strength of this one nation. And with their shrewd decisions for the work taxes of the people, they have helped this one nation to achieve its great times of national prosperity. But as they set their sights and dreams on living and roaming amongst heavens with their technologies, they give credit to themselves, the past elected leaders, the very rich, their followers, and their tools, for helping the unmatched growth of this one nation. And in their governing matters, the leader acknowledges the tragedies and problems of this one nation, and they tell the people that this is not the way that this one nation was meant to be. They speak of how the people in this one nation must work harder at teaching their young people the right ways from the wrong ways. And they tell the people that until their hearts change, the policies that they have made for this one nation will stand in place. They consult with the businesses when they want to bring in new laws to solve their national problems, and they ask for more tax money from the people to support their causes. They understand and admit that the lower levels of their government are plagued with scandals and conspiracies, but they act as if their governing level is unaffected. They stall on issues that matter to the people, and make the wrong choices as they base actions on falsehoods and useless conclusions. They give fractional amounts of money back to the people for education, help, health services, and they withhold the tax money from the people who refuse to accept their ways. They warn the people that they must fall within their defined earning ranges if they wish to receive benefits from their government, but they allow only meagre benefits to the poor. They use diversions to cover their acts, and to do things behind the backs of the people. They deliberately deny the truth and twist the facts to suit their best needs, and the needs of this one nation. They say one thing and then do another, or do one thing and then say another. And through the mediums of the very rich, where every move and word of the leader is captured, they continue in their corrupt ways as they hope to influence the public opinion polls to their advantage. They flirt with the stars to help build support for their causes, and they glorify the truth of their wrongful ways by explaining of how their honest governing system is solving problems. But even when the leader brings disgrace upon this one nation, its laws, and in their own families, they are turned into stars and are allowed to continue their rule. They claim to be humble, yet they talk arrogantly, boast and brag about their power, and exaggerate the greatness of this one nation.

Every so often the people of this one nation select a new leader, and a new official is granted the position for another period of time. The granted power that comes with the title of the leader makes it the most desired position amongst the governing officials in this one nation. And when the time comes for the people to choose a new leader, the governing parties under the leader hold their meetings and elections, and they send their best-selected representatives to capture the position for their party. Although the position of the leader is open to all of the people in this one nation, the tactics and campaigning costs limit the number of candidates to only a select few. The party leaders compete in a nationwide election by sending their messages to the people, and describing the future plans of their parties. And as they visit the cities and towns, they speak proudly of their work accomplishments as servants for the people, and they describe their agendas for using the power of title that they wish to be entrusted with. After they build enough confidence in their plans, they begin to attract supporting votes from the people in this one nation, in order to increase their chances of being elected. They present themselves as a national leader, by bettering the image of the leader in power, and by offering the people a hope for new change from the old way of governing. Like the leader, the running officials speak of the glories and the strengths of this one nation, and they trumpet its technological and economic superiority. They tell the people of how they plan on protecting the lead that this one nation has over the other nations, and how they plan on keeping this one nation the strongest and the greatest nation the world. They talk of redesigning, rebuilding, and reforming the governing ways of this one nation, to bring more choices, jobs, and tax breaks to the people. And they describe how they intend to pay off their national bills, support services and environmental changes, and enforce the laws of this one nation. They talk of passions, hearts, and of their clear visions to empower the people in this one nation. They speak of breaking down the barriers that divide the people, and bringing them together to form a better national family. But they claim that in order for this one nation to become what it was meant to be, that truthful people like themselves must lead this one nation. They spend their money on medium advertisements and brochures, to assure the people of how their way is more able to get things done than the ways of their opponents are. They try to be all things to all people, and they even admit their refusal to trust the finger pointers and name callers in the government that they wish to lead. And as their sweet talk campaigning continues, they use the mediums of the very rich to charm the people into believing in what they can accomplish for this one nation. But in their business-like manner, they try to paint the picture that the other contenders are not worthy enough to hold the title of the leader. And although they claim they want to focus on the issues, they accuse each other of having the wrong vision for this one nation, and of being untruthful to the people. They put each other down, squabble over their words, and are only interested in the growth of their own popularity. For the most popular elect hopefuls are given the right to bask in the popularity pool of the stars, where they are allowed to stand by the stars and the figures in this one nation, who stand by their views. They talk with the opinion experts on the mediums, and use the most popular medium talk shows to help build more support in their abilities. They explain to the people about the importance of their votes, they persuade them into voting for what they believe in, and they claim that a vote for them would not be a wasted one. They make promises to keep their promises, but have their excuses ready for when their promises are challenged. And as their race drags on, day after day and month after month, the mediums test the representatives to see how they hold up against the opinions of the people. And through the public opinion shifts after their scheduled fight nights, the candidates are tallied and rated. After time, the not so popular contenders are removed from the race to make way for the more popular ones. And as the number of running representatives steadily shrinks, the remaining entrants continue to fight their way to the top by talking more, smiling more, waving more, and shaking more hands. And the experts on the mediums give their logical predictions, as they debate over who the next great leader of this one nation should be. In the heat of their glory, the most popular officials begin to give their victory speeches before the final results are even known. But when the voters of this one nation are divided almost equally in their decisions for their next leader, the representatives complain of outdated voting technologies, unreliable ballots, and inaccurate vote counting people. They bring out their party lawyers to challenge the laws of this one nation, in order to assure that a lawful outcome, and the will of the people, is just. And when the dust begins to settle, the losers begin to argue over the outcome of the game, and they use their supporters to uphold a stronger challenge. They try to explain to the people in this one nation, that the certified election results are incorrect, and that they themselves, are in fact, the real winners. But when the high courts of this one nation stand up and declare the winner, the champion steps up to accept their new title, which they spent most of their lives working to attain. Then they glorify themselves and thank their supporters in front of the mediums and the people, as give their victory speeches to the listeners. They boast and celebrate amongst their supporters with champagne and cigars, and they act as if their triumph was a major accomplishment, for this one nation.

The supporters of the leader, who work among the parties under the leader, share in the power that the leader has. And as the support for the leader ebbs and flows, the officials discuss the matters in this one nation, and they try to find the best solutions for its problems. While they interrupt and hurl charges at each other, they write, debate, and pass new laws to help govern over the people in this one nation. They present their new thought up laws to the leader for final approvals, but they serve the very rich more than the people, and they let the banks and businesses take the leading steps of the way for this one nation. They go on crusades to bring the law they support into effect, by claiming that it is better for the growth of this one nation. And they refuse to listen to the few people that oppose the new laws. So they add laws that help the rich, laws that ruin the poor, and laws that limit the freedoms of the people in this one nation. And with their own laws they have locked themselves into troubles. They toughen their laws to prevent and limit the people from going against this one nation, but they face resistance from the people who want their freedoms. The judges, who observe and resolve the legal disputes in this one nation, enforce its justice system on the people. They guide over their appointed judges beneath them, and they answer to the judges above them, unto the highest judge in this one nation. But they prosecute and condemn the innocent for crimes against their law. They accept bribes and gifts, make unjust rulings, and prevent the poor from getting a fair trial. They give light sentences to the stars, and the popular people who play an important role in this one nation. And they allow the medium workers to continue corruptly with laws of freedom to say anything, which were made and put in place just for them. The law professionals, who represent the people in the courts, use their knowledge of the broad law of this one nation to defend the people who find themselves facing justice in this one nation. They charge enormous sums to find holes in the laws for the people, but they are paid even more for using their skills to invent loopholes for their wealthiest clients.

The agencies of investigators and policing officers, the forces of the leader, work to preserve the order and the justice in this one nation. They help the people in times of trouble and disaster, and they use their force and technologies to instil the growing justice system of this one nation. They defend the securities of the banks and the businesses, and they arrest and investigate the suspected criminals. But although there is corruption among the law officials, they prevent the people from breaking the laws of this one nation, and they seek out the people who try to evade its justice. And with their power, they use their heavily geared officers to combat with deadly force against the unarmed and unprotected people in this one nation. They use swift and violent force to intimidate and prevent uprisings for rightful causes, and they keep the people from doing damage to the national objects in this one nation. They show little mercy in their search for justice, and treat the people harshly in their search for more. And when their force leads to violence and deaths, with the support of the leader, they pass them off as unfortunate accidents. They say that they have the right to use excessive force, and they claim that it is the lawful and the right thing to do. At the top of their agencies, where they feel that secrecy is critical, they build classified intelligence reports on the people of this one nation, its enemies, and its adversaries around the world. And although their positions are funded with the money from the taxes of the people, they defend their facilities of secret doings. They refuse their information reports to the eyes of the people, and they only allow the hands of the public to hold their blacked out documents and insensitive reports. They claim to know what is in the best interests for the securities of this one nation, and they claim to serve and protect the people by upholding life, freedom, and the innocent. But they only work to make sure that the way of life that is lived in this one nation, is enforced upon all of the people that are under the authority and the rule, of the leader.

The leaders of this one nation, the puppets who guide it, have found their freedom through power. They hold great faith in the decisions of their fellow leaders, and in the growing dream of life for the very rich. They believe in their future, and feel that they can shape this one nation into the land of opportunity that the founders dreamed it would be. But like their puppet masters, the leaders act as if they are above the people, and that the people are there to serve them. They are more interest in trying to help the money of the people, rather than trying to help the people themselves. They say and do anything to build more support from the people, and they use work to manipulate and compel the people into furthering the growth of this one nation. They describe to the people that freedom is their way, free do anything under their way of justice. They tell them of how strength is the power gained from the use of money and force. And they explain that peace is what comes from their freedom and strength combined. But they outlaw the words of the Most High God with no remorse and little fear, and they refer to the Most High God in vain. And as a result, they lack true vision and sense of direction, they burden the working people, oppress the poor people, and they openly support wrongful causes. They lie, deceive, deny, utter empty words, and give foolish advice. They make false promises, useless treaties, and they live unfaithful lives as they misuse their granted power. They have allowed the justice of this one nation to become injustice, where the crimes continue to increase, and where treachery and violence is flourishing. They are experts at explaining problems and inventing excuses, but they are failures at finding solutions. They lead this one nation with confusion, care only for themselves, and they try to get away with whatever they can. And as they work corruptly above the people, leading them in the direction that the very rich choose, the leaders make only one thing clear to the people of this one nation; money brings power.

With its leadership and guidance, this one nation reaches for control. And through its united nations, the town hall for its global affairs, this one nation enjoys its position as the overseer for the ways of the nations. It builds strong diplomatic and business ties with the other nations of the world, and it works to help the other nations to become more like itself, more able to form a normal and perfect union. It boldly fights to bring about lawful relations between the nations, and it helps to encourage the growth of international business and trade. But with its guidance, this one nation is only interested in staying alive, so that it can support the dream of life laid down, by the very rich.

From its helping hands and generous business aids, this one nation has made many national friends that support and follow its bold push for world peace. They look up to this one nation and its important leader of the free world, despite the fact that very few things in this one nation are free. And with its united group of nations, this one nation uses its wealth to help the other nations with the problems amongst their people. It supports their businesses, overlooks debts, and it helps them to build the governing system that will fulfil their dreams. It holds the control over what the other nations can send and receive, and it describes to them of how business globalisation is good for growth of this one nation, and the world. So it shares its weapons, information, and military forces with its allies, to help deal with the foes that oppose the ways of this one nation, and it tells them of how this one nation must be strong against the threats from its enemies. It brings an end to the leaders in its opposing nations, and it proudly supports the people of the nations who make a bold step towards its governing ways. With its technological eyes in the sky, this one nation keeps a close watch over the other nations, to make sure that they are in line with the national law that it upholds. And when one of the nations steps beyond the lines that it has drawn out, this one nation seeks its valid courses of actions through its national laws, and it imposes and enforces until the nation falls back under its ways. But it prevents the nations with different governing systems, and the nations that are against this one nation, from rising up and gaining too much power. And it refuses to allow those nations to take part in its group of national friends. It sways the other nations into supporting its own ideals, and it puts pressure on the other nations to recognize its agendas and its own lawful solutions for the national problems. But it acts ignorantly violent towards the ways of the nations that oppose it. And with its national laws, it forces the weaker nations to ease the financial load of this one nation. Through its mediums, which branch into its allied nations, this one nation heralds its ideals and views of the world. It glorifies its past war victories and strengths, and it speaks of the powerful forces that stand in its path. But its national medium reports are biased towards the ways of this one nation, and its laws. It speaks vainly of its tragedies, spreads rumours about its opposing nations, gives warnings of its enemies at home and abroad, and censors the truths and evidence that it feels is unpleasing to its people. It uses deception and force to get what it needs from the nations, and it uses its own lawful decisions to take the money, resources, and the people that it wants. It threatens to break its signed treaties in order to support its growing and changing needs for security. And it threatens war and prohibits trade, with the nations and individuals that oppose its dreams of its prosperous future.

With its powerful military, this one nation fights to remain prosperous, and to keep the world stability under its national law. Its laws and ways help to empower its international peacekeeping forces. And along with its military forces, it fights to defend the freedom of this one nation, its people, territories, embassies, and to promote its version of peace and security amongst the nations of the world. It urges its troops to be the best that they can be, and it equips them with the very best. And when a nation gives a call of distress, this one nation sends its troops to provide them with the support from its powerful military. Its modern technologies help its allied militaries to become lighter, harder to find, more able to survive, and better equipped with lethal weapons. And with the help of its orbital eyes, the allied troops of this one nation gain a huge technological edge over their opponents. When its intelligence reporters bring forth information of a threat against this one nation, it sends word to its allied militaries to stand by on high alert. Its military commanders define the plans and codes that it uses, and they develop secret strategies to take measured steps with the problems that this one nation faces. And with the position this one nation holds, it is able to send enough swift force to get its work done. It pays its forces well, but its militaries are over deployed around the world. It claims to send its troops to fight and win its wars, so that it can prevent them from happening in the first place, but its troops turn violent when opposed. It claims to have no other options but force, and it describes how its use of force is in the best interests for the security of this one nation, and the world. It attacks without warning against unprotected people in the other nations, and it uses its technological advantages to overpower the opposing nations and militaries, to force them into negotiating peace deals with this one nation. With its mediums, this one nation displays its forces at work, so that the people who support the ways of this one nation can better understand the sacrifices for their freedoms. But it gives false words to its soldiers who risk their lives for this one nation. It forces some of its military servants into silence for the things they know, and some of them are unaware of the reasons that they are fighting for. Its soldiers complain of lack of morale in the ranks, where the troops turn against fellow troops. But this one nation considers their lives expendable as it claims to strive for, and uphold the greater good. And when the soldiers are unable to continue in the strong ranks of this one nation, it throws them aside like dirty rags, with more burden than benefit.

Through its ways, this one nation has built the reputation of the wealthiest nation on the Earth. It has grown to become the single most powerful nation in the world, economically, financially, diplomatically, and militarily. And as this one nation stands with its allied friends, it boasts of the peace that it has brought to the nations. It sees a future where the nations of the world are at peace with this one nation, promoting the things that this one nation values all around the world. It claims that all of the other nations will have peace and prosperity like itself, when the ways of this one nation are followed. It realizes that the Earth is in a unique period of its history, where the world is coming together. And based on its past leadership decisions amongst the nations, this one nation intends to step up as the hero, and say that it will lead the Earth into peace. It claims that with its clear visions and strengths, that none will be able to stand up against the decisions that it has made. But although this one nation likes to help, many nations question the ways of this one nation as it moves forward. For it has gained wide control over the resources of the world, and it has driven the Earth into a corner where destructive wars are a constant threat. It tries to enforce its justice upon anything and everything that violates its ways, and it forgets its problems of the past but continues to repeat its mistakes. It puts its trust in its own strengths and wealth, it has abandoned the principles that work, and it has turned its back on the laws of the Most High God. And as a result, it is raping the resources of the other nations for its own needs, and it has hammered the Earth with its stubborn pride. And as this one nation continues to go about in its clumsy ways, balancing on the verge of its own prosperous success, it uses its words of freedom as a cover for its evil actions. But it stumbles and falls in its own problems. This one nation, like those who guide it, cares nothing about what it is doing, or where it is heading. It cares only for itself, its allies, its powerful ways, its wealth, its glories, and what it can get away with. But with the glorification of its ways through the tools of the very rich, this one nation makes only one thing clear to its people; money brings control.

There are a tremendous number of people that live in this one nation, under the rule of the very rich, and the leaders. In its pyramidal society, which the leaders claim is separated from the Church, the person at the top has the most money, while the people at the bottom have the least. All of the people that live in this one nation have the responsibility to obey the ways and the laws that are put in place by the leaders, so that all of the people can live within the limits for the dreams of the very rich. And as long as the people in this one nation work for money and live by the ways set forth by the leaders; they have the freedom to believe in whatever it is they choose to have faith in.

The people who believe in this one nation, support this one nation and its society as it grows. For it has been made clear to them, that this one nation is the strongest and the greatest nation in the world. They know that this one nation is built on money, they see what it does, are happy with what it does, and believe that money and business is the best way for the world. They are the lovers of pleasure, and those who see great potential in this land of business opportunities. They enjoy the business competition, the immoral entertainment, and the free to do anything ways of this one nation, which allows them to chase the dream that the very rich hold in front of them. They cash in on the growing technological ways of the banks, the businesses, and their money markets. They look up to the idolized images that are projected through the mediums, and they try to follow the path of their heroes into greatness. They listen to their experts who tell them what is right and better, and they buy their beauty from the body changing doctors and products in this one nation. And because they believe that the governing officials and forces work for them, they put strong faith in their leaders to solve their problems, and to keep them happy and safe within the freedoms of this one nation. They chant their support, and choose their leaders based on their appearance, body language, personality, and believability. They wonder why the people in this one nation rise up and protest against the government that has ways and laws in place, that are there to serve them. And they sing of this one nation and of its flag, with a song about its warlike history. But they are unaware of what is happening in the rest of the world, and they care little about the problems in the other nations. They hear and see only what they want about this one nation, and have become deluded with its great freedoms. They recognize this one nation as a glorious place to live and work, and they try to strengthen it with their opinions and patriotic ways. They are proud of being able to understand the world, in terms of money. And as they grow prosperously along the ideals of the very rich in this one nation, their desire for riches and pleasures increases. They lust for happiness through money, power, and control, and they live their lives as if they are free of responsibility. They lie in their courts to avoid their crime, or for a personal gain, and they turn violent when opposed. They give in to those with higher positions and more money, and they prefer to make money rather than live life to the fullest. They determine their worth and beauty by measuring their looks and material things against those of their neighbours. They pass judgements on the people who they feel are not popular, and ignore those who they think are different. They look down on the people who make less money than them, and on those who they feel are less successful. They reject the people who refuse to follow the ideals that uphold the society in this one nation. And although they are grateful for stars that help to glorify this one nation, they shout obscenities at the people they dislike. They reward with flatteries and gifts, and punish with evil plans, traps, and bad advice. And as they continue to chase the dream of the very rich, they ignore the Supreme God. They think that godly ways are coincidences, and they see the religious holidays as just another day. They make promises to the Most High God and then break them; they lie, cheat, steal, murder, and commit adultery. But they live as if everything is all right; they have their peace, and the world is gradually getting better with the help from this one nation. So they work harder to attain the dream that this one nation heralds. But they fail to realize that a greedy dream will always remain just out of reach, for to them, money is the only answer.

The people who believe that the ways of this one nation can help them, are faithful to this one nation. They see what the successful people have acquired, and have come to understand that money is an easy answer. They try to find their happiness by following the people who have found their freedom, within the dream of this one nation. They imitate the stars and heroes of this one nation, and they listen to their decisions of which ways will help them to live the life they want to live. They worry about their position within this society, and they strive to be amongst the group of people who are in the highest earning ranges. They feel that when they become more financially stable, that they can be a better person. So they play the medium games, the lotteries, and the money markets of this one nation, as they let the companies advertise their hopes for winning the money, services, and products that they are giving away. And on the popular games that test the trivial skills and opinions of its contestants, they hope to catapult themselves into the circle of national stars. They climb up the company ladders, and try to show the owners their true worth. They go to the medium law judges and experts, to find justice, fame, and piece of mind in one place. And when they find their wealth, beauty, fame, and acceptance, they are turned into heroes by the mediums and the people of their society. But through the mediums, they break their sacred vows in front of massive numbers of people, and they glorify their wrongful ways to make them exciting and glamorous for others to follow. They sell the stories of their tales to the mediums for money, and profit from the advice and information that they gained for free. They desire the things that the banks and businesses have to offer, what this one nation displays through the mediums, and the things their neighbours own, which they would like to have. And they try to live up to the national standard of intelligence, so that they can predict their future performance in this one nation. They accept the expensive drugs and treatments that the businesses, the famous, and the experts claim, will help them to live a stress-free life in this one nation. But when they are desperate for money, they resort to criminal ways. They care little for their leaders, but have faith that they will solve all of their problems, so that they can find the dream within this one nation. But they are constantly working to find their freedom in this one nation. They spoil their children with the products and services from the corporations. And they guide them towards their educators, who in fear teach them how to make money, and live in the society of this one nation. They teach their children about the value of money, and guide them into the false glories of this one nation, to give them an easier life than they had. And they get upset when their children show lack of respect, rebel in violence, and kill other children. But when such things happen, they point to the leaders and their organizations. But they ignored their simple dreams of life without money, and they allowed the hearts of their children to be moulded by the ways of this one nation, and its growing society. And although they are aware that the Supreme God is the highest, they have higher hopes that this one nation, and the people who they follow, will help them to find the happiness that they desire. And as they continue to follow the dream chasers in this one nation, they fall even deeper into the temptations of money.

The people who are unsure about the ways of in this one nation, serve this one nation regardless. For they believe that the living conditions in this one nation, are better than anywhere else. They see the good things happening for the people in the society of money, but they are worried about its effects on them. They despise some of the ways of this one nation, and accept other ways as good. They worry about the growing ways of the corporations and the mediums, which they see is affecting the morality in this one nation. They dislike the bad language, misleading information, and repetitive offerings from the companies on the mediums. They are worried about their children being captured with images they cannot resist, knowing that this path will lead to a desire for greater things. And they feel that they have to compete with the mass culture of this society, in order to raise their children with the true values in life. They wonder why the corporations support material that the people find offensive, then make promises to change their ways, and yet turn around to do things behind the backs of the people. And they doubt that the companies really care about stopping their industrial pollution and damage to the Earth. They live in confusion about the government in this one nation, but they know there is something wrong, to some degree. They put their leaders above them, and shake their heads in dismay when they fall short of their expectations. They see the leaders going back on their promises, pointing fingers, and casting blame, and they wonder why things are such a mess in this one nation. They wonder if their vote for the leader really counts after their confusing election races. And they wonder if the wounds in their society can be healed, after the divisions that their political races create. They are upset with the rising cost of living, and they wonder why the people with more money receive better medical help from this one nation. They are unhappy with the brute force that this one nation uses to uphold its laws on freedom within their society, and around the world. And they see their soldiers coming home from war, with their service soon forgotten. They are trying to figure out why the governing system of this one nation does not work for them, and why the law that they live under is so harsh when it comes to their money. They feel that justice is not being served in their courtrooms, and they are afraid of overstepping the hard to see lines for the laws in this one nation. They are under increasing pressure from the corporate downsizing, where the companies replace the people with technologies. They work at jobs with mounting stresses, and bosses that offer little help. The old workers are forced to leave to make way for the young workers, and they fear of being assaulted in their workplace. Their families are forced to stretch their earnings, and they worry about receiving bad credit from the companies and their networked information banks. And from lack of support from the leaders, the people are forced to pay outrageous sums of money to have the teachers guide them into the world of money. They wonder why some of the young children in this one nation fail to understand the difference between right and wrong, and why they are committing lethal crimes against their classmates. They fear for the lives of their children, and worry about their well being in the classrooms. They worry about safety in their neighbourhoods, they fear for their privacy, and they wonder why it costs them more to live happily and healthily in this one nation. But although they know that the Most High God is the highest, they have been unable to break free of their problems and worries. And as they follow the crowd that is making money, in the dream of the very rich, they begin to serve money more than the Supreme God.

The people who refuse to support this one nation, live there unhappily. For they know that the ways of this one nation are making things worse. They see the very rich creating confusion and taking advantage of the dreams for popularity, beauty, and acceptance in this one nation. And they see how they are being mocked by the very rich through their corrupt ways, followers, and tools. They are tired of the misleading and immoral entertainment on their mediums, and of the directions that the banks and the businesses are leading this one nation into. And although there are many laws in place to give freedom and liberty for the people who live in this one nation, they see how the laws ignore the deepest needs of the people. They know that the governing officials work for the companies, and they realize that the ways of the leaders are sowing bitterness among the people. They hear the opinion polls on the mediums that show a clear division among the people in this one nation, and they see how the ways of this one nation and its leaders are strengthening their division. They see the leaders introducing new laws when one of the ways in this one nation fails, and they are unhappy with the changes that are made. For they know too well of how hard and unlikely it is to change the lawful decisions that the leaders have made, which they claim are there to help the growth of this one nation. They are reluctant to put their faith in the leaders, for they are tired of being let down by their empty promises. They are sick of their acting on the mediums, and are enraged with their lengthy and costly debates and elections, which allow anyone with enough money in this one nation, to stand up and become the leader of the people. They wonder why the people of this one nation continue to vote for new leaders who have no regard for their views and opinions, who offer little help and comfort, and who seemed to be nicer on the day that they were voted for. They see the people electing the popular party leaders, getting upset with them, choosing another party leader, and then getting angry with them when they too fall short. They are afraid of the growing national surveillance by the forces of the leader, and they wonder what secret doings are really going on in their secret bases and installations. They despise the growing crime fighting techniques used by the policing forces in this one nation, which continues to eat away at their freedoms and privacies. And although they ask their leaders to give them more help, they know that the leaders are focused on their larger problems. They wonder why their leaders fail to understand that a true government works to help the people. And when the leaders claim that it is time for this one nation to come together and do what is right for the people, they see that it is too little too late. They see their neighbours holding money as a priority over neighbourly ways. They are pushed to the limit, being neglected, living miserably, and are forced to break the laws of this one nation in order to survive. They try to evade the taxes that this one nation upholds, for they see little results with their increasing tax payments. They live amongst racial discrimination, a further widening earning gap between the rich and the poor, and they work for little wages, earning barely enough to get by. They try to help the poor people in this one nation who are oppressed, and those who are suffering from lack of proper care. They comfort the war veterans who are left homeless, hungry, and suffering from the horrors of war. And they wonder why this one nation claims to be free, when their dream is being written for them, and only the very rich and the very poor are free to do as they please. When they refuse to work for this one nation and become dependant on its government, they are frowned upon by the leaders and the people of the society, who are paying to support them. And when they bring forth their reports of a secret business cabal at the top of this one nation, they are silenced, ignored, turned into outcasts, and pushed towards the lower end of this society. They live and fear the growing ways of this one nation, and they are tired of the confusion and anxiety amongst the people. They make calls for radical and righteous changes in this one nation, and they resort to extreme acts against it. But when they rebel and protest in their small numbers, the forces of the leader intimidate them with brute force until they give in, and fall back under the ways of this one nation. They feel helpless, as the crowd that follows the ideals in this one nation, is ignorant to what they have to say. They are considered to be insane or paranoid by the people in this society. But the people who listen and understand are either unable to help, or are too afraid and confused to do anything. So they remain silent and they work, waiting with hope, away from the ways of the very rich and the leaders. But as they stand watching the society that is following the dream of the very rich, they see what money is doing to this one nation, they are unhappy with what it is doing to the people, and they refuse to take part in its society. They know that this one nation is not separated from the Church, and they know that they days of this one nation are numbered. For they see how the people in the crowd wander about like sheep without a shepherd. And although this one nation claims that they can find happiness, power, and control with money; they believe firmly that the Most High God is the highest. And because of their faith, they are aware of one simple fact; the love for money brings ruin.

From the idolization of money in this one confusing nation of business: money has formed a religion, which has grown to become a strong controlling influence over many of its people. As a result, there is little faith in the Most High God, and lack of love towards neighbours. This has caused the people to divide and go without order, which in turn, has led this once glorious nation into ruin. Once again, the words of the Most Glorious High God shine true; for a nation without the guidance of the Most High God is a nation without order, and if the leaders are concerned with only money, then the nation will be ruined. But as this one nation continued to go about its own arrogant way, falling even deeper into its ruin; it refused to ask for help, and it continued to misuse the name of the Most High God. For such a charge: this one nation will be forever destroyed at the time that the Most High God has appointed. But because of its faithful people, until then, the wrongful ways of this one nation must be halted.

In the east of this one nation, on an island, sits a magnificently glorious and luxurious seaport. It is a huge city in which the countless buildings reach for the sky, and where a statue of false liberty and freedom stands on an island, in its harbour, holding a torch that burns for all to see. It is the largest city in this one nation, the city that became the glory from the pride of its people. And like this one nation, this city had made itself well known around the world; there never was a city like this one. But this city is not without a name, for it was well known around the world as the seat of the empire, for the false world religion, of money. It is the home of business, and the centre of the tools for the very rich. It is a place where they gamble their winnings with the rest of the world, trying to become wealthier. And it is here in this city of vice and corruption, where the heart for the love of money beats, as if, it is a god. This city, the heart of this one nation and the false world religion, is a Babylon!

Christ Jesus once spoke that none could ever serve two masters: for they would either hate one, and love the other; or else they would hold to one, and despise the other. None can serve both the Most High God and mammon. But although the King himself has spoken this truth, the great city of Babylon continues to lead this one nation and the world as a slave to money, and it despises the Most High God.

With all of your heart, mind, and soul, ask the Most High God to forgive all of your mistakes, and those made by your ancestors; they will be forgiven! For the name of the Most High God has been dishonoured! Love the Most High God with all of your heart, mind, and soul, and love your neighbour as you love yourself! Do away with your differences, for you are all the same! Stop oppressing those who live in your nation and around it, for that is not your right! Stop fighting over your resources and boundaries, for the Most High God owns it all! Stop your nation from fighting with the other, and settle your differences! History will never be changed, so forgive and forget and share what you have! Because all of the people on the Earth, have one common foe!

Unite together with your neighbours, and send word to the city of Babylon: the people are to leave, and the city is to be destroyed! If this Babylon will not listen, send word to the leaders of this one nation. If the leaders of this one nation will not listen, then send word to the people. But if the people of this one nation refuse to listen; then send warnings to the city of Babylon, and let a world show a Babylon that it is no match for the Earth!

In the days to come, the Holy Bible that was spread from the work of the people in the past, will be the most valuable and abundant resource that can be found on the Earth. For it contains the words of Life from the Most High God, and Christ the coming King! It holds words of happiness, peace, wisdom, and understanding. It can explain the unfolding future, help to teach of what is just and right, how to show constant love, and how to live in fellowship with the Supreme God. The most important lesson from the Holy Bible is faith in the Most High God, and Jesus Christ is your key! Their work and words will help to build your armour of faith; your faith will give you hope, love, and peace. And only through them, will you find the key to true freedom!

Now send this scroll of Good News throughout the nation, translate it where it is needed, and then send it to the neighbouring nations in the east. Let all people of the Earth receive the message of Good News today; for the greatest battle in the history of the Earth, the end of times has already begun!

So rejoice! For the time has come for the Most High God to Judge those who dwell on the Earth! Honour and worship the Most High God! Praise the greatness of the Most High God! For the Most High God is the Most Supreme God, the Only True And Living God; the Most Ancient God that Created the Heavens and the Earth, the Lands and the Seas, and all Life that exists within them!